NBD. These are three letter that I have been saying constantly. Did you just miss your bus? NBD, there’s another one coming. Is the movie sold out? NBD, we’ll watch something else. Are you having a bad hair day? NBD, you can fix your hair tomorrow. Because really, it’s no big deal. Making little things like this into a big deal is something that stresses people out to their capacity. Honestly, not everything needs to be made into a big deal. Some things should be brushed off because is it worth it to make yourself unhappy? If we made every little bad thing that happened to us into a big deal, we would all be miserable. So the next time something ticks you off, just shrug and say those three little letters: NBD. Because really, if it’s not a big deal, then don’t make it into one. 

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Mind your own beeswax


Doesn’t it feel like some people’s lives should be on television? There’s laughing and crying and fighting and dancing and it just seems that every picture that this person posts on Facebook has a little story attached to it. We, as regular people, can get consumed with other people’s lives to the point where we want to be in their shoes or we’re constantly clicking on their profile to get the juicy info. Now, in comparison, our own lives may seem a little boring. Questions pop up like ‘why can’t something exciting like that happen to me?’ or ‘man i would love to be her for one day’. And this, my friend, is the point where you need to click off their profile. Here’s a little story: there was this beautiful girl I was kinda obsessed with just because she had the most glamorous life. I was hooked- I would consistently check her profile to see what she was up to. And it did make me feel kind of crappy that she was out and I was at home in my PJs. Then one day, I went to go to her profile….and she had unfriended me. Makes sense, since I hadn’t spoken to her in years. But suddenly, I was denied access to this girl’s life. I was super pissed at first, but I realized that I felt less crappy. I couldn’t compare myself anymore. That’s when I realized: other people’s lives are cool, sure, but everyone has their own life to deal with. So, instead of wishing you could be that person for like an hour, go out and be yourself. Because when it comes to other people’s ‘glamorous’ lives, sometimes it’s better to mind your own business. 

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A million Reasons Why


I’ve always heard that everything happens for a reason. If someone leaves your life, it’s for a reason. If someone comes back into your life, it’s for a reason. But the annoying thing is, we don’t always know what the reason is. Why did that person leave? Why is that person back? Trying to figure out the answers to everything can be so exhausting. I mean, I would like to know. But do I have to know? If we can just trust that whatever is happening is for the best, wouldn’t we be happier? Getting caught up in explanations and theories not only confuses us, but it ruins our shot at moving on. Accepting things without explanation can be one of the hardest things to do, but it may just be the simplest. We don’t need to know the answers to everything. So instead of dwelling and questioning and wondering, give yourself a break. Everything happens for a reason….even if you don’t know what it is yet. 

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To get where you’ve never gone you have to do what you’ve never done

To get where yo…

Chin Up

Can I just ask, how are people upset in this weather? When it’s this beautiful out I find it difficult to have a sour expression on my face. My mouth just naturally curls up when I go outside during summer time. Okay, so just because the sun is out doesn’t mean your problems disappear. But, like, can’t they take the back burner for a second? I have a challenge for you. Whatever weight is currently on your shoulders, shrug it off and step outside. (This should preferably be done on a sunny day). Now, you’re outside. Tilt your face to the sun, close your eyes and smile. You don’t need a reason to. Just do it. Now I don’t want to anger people but I 99.99% guarantee you will find SOMETHING to smile about. I don’t know what it is, but I guess your brain doesn’t want you smiling like an idiot, so your mind immediately rakes your brain for something to smile about. This little activity will ABSOLUTELY cheer you up, even if it is for a brief moment. But whenever you feel especially down, try this. And make it a habit. Because the first step to feeling good is to smile. Just like that. 

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Get Ready

Just thought i’d do a quick update post….i’m back! It’s been a few stressful weeks and I have actually been MIA from the world. But don’t you worry, because I am back! Expect frequent posts here on Smile. It Won’t Hurt. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer :)

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Just Be Nice


Recently i’ve been having a few of my friends complaining that they don’t know why they’re getting into fights with certain friends or why they aren’t meeting new people. while they were freaking out about not knowing who to be and why people bitch behind their back, i just sat there kind of zoning out. because honestly the answer is simple. just be nice. be nice to your friends, be nice to your family and be nice to just everyone you meet. instead of having an attitude that people might interpret negatively, just smile and be nice to the person you’re talking to. what can they possibly insult about you? now i know some people take advantage of nice people and some just don’t like you, even if you were being super nice. but in that case, you should realize that if you were nice to this person and they still don’t like you, then obviously it’s their beef and not yours. i think if you want to get along with everyone and you want people to like you, then just be nice. it’s really that simple.

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Oh yeah….I am awesome!

You know when you get a compliment and people say, “accept it, but don’t let it get to your head!” Ummm, why not?! When someone takes the time to notice something about you, appreciates it and then feels the need to let you know….how can you not be flattered! Instead of brushing off the compliments people give you and thinking oh thanks no big deal, feel good about it! Personally, a nice compliment makes me so happy and keeps me smiling all day long. And what’s so wrong about feeling good? The next time you get a compliment whether it’s for your hair, your polish, your makeup or your amazing personality, hold onto it and feel good! My only rule would be to thank the person. Gotta love the nice people out  there :)

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Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right

Whether you thi…


I am counting down the days until my summer vacation, and i CAN’T WAIT. There’s only two more weeks of assignments, tests and essays (all conveniently due on the same day of course) and then freedom!! I don’t exactly have anything extravagant planned for the summer, but i do look forward to sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. not to mention the hot weather, parties, smoothies & everything else delicious about summer!

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